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ANNUAL MEETING - it was agreed at the Annual Meeting that Cllr John Secker would continue as Chairman and Cllr Hazel Lindley would continue as Vice-Chairman.

Cllr Secker presented his Chairman'r Report :


During the last year there have been eight scheduled meetings of Thirston Parish Council.  Thirston Parish Councillors have also attended the Joint Cemetery Committee and the Recreation Field Committee.  Councillors also continue to attend meetings organised by Northumberland County Council.

The Council continues to review costs.  However to ensure funds are available to develop a Neighbourhood Plan the Parish Council decided to increase the precept for 2015/16 to £7,500 to provide funding of £1,000 for this purpose.  The Council continues to ring fence money for specific projects to benefit the parish.

There have been a number of planning applications that have been reviewed by the Parish Council which include, in many cases, site visits to determine the impact of these applications on residents and the area in general.  The Parish Council has made representations to the Planning Committee as appropriate on the Planning Applications that have been reviewed.

All this work relies upon the dedication of our local councillors.  To that end I wish to thank, on behalf of myself, but more importantly on behalf of the people living in the Parish of Thirston the following Parish Councillors – Councillors Euan Davidson, Hazel Lindley, John Marshall, Anne Morton and Doug Green.

Special thanks are also due to our County Councillor Glen Sanderson for his support throughout the year.

In particular I must thank our Parish Clerk, Lisa Hamlin, for the work she does on the Parish Council’s behalf and for the support she gives to me and the other councillors throughout the year.  From all of us a heart felt ‘Thank You’.

John Secker

Chairman - Thirston Parish Council

21 May 2015