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At the December meeting the Councillors agreed the 2016/17 budget and set the Parish Precept at £8,000 for the forthcoming financial year.  This is an increase of £500 on last year however there is predicted increase in expenditure of £1,500 to cover projects.   The projects that the Parish Council will be contributing towards a new community building on recreation field for users of the field and allotments to benefit from and the phased installation of new safety surfacing within the children’s play area.


Please note the new email address for contacting the Clerk.  If in future you can use the email thirstonparishcouncil@gmail.com.  The old address will be checked regularly but if you can please try to use the new one.


Due to the closure of the URC Hall the Parish Council are moving their meetings to Felton Village Hall.  They will remain on a Thursday night at 7.30pm and be held in the Coquet Rooms.  Dates for 2016 meetings are 28 January, 17 March, 5 May, 16 June, 28 July, 8 September, 20 October and 15 December

Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) AREA IN WEST THIRSTON

Residents of West Thirston may not be aware of the SSSI area at the top end of Thirston behind Ridley Lodge – one of the houses behind the garage.   As this area is designated at SSSI it means that consent is required from Natural England to remove anything from this site – whether it be a stick for your dog to carry on a walk or a tree which has fallen over in the wind.  Natural England states The destruction, displacement, removal or cutting of any plant or plant remains, including tree, shrub, herb, hedge, dead or decaying wood, moss, lichen, fungus, leaf-mould, turf, aquatic vegetation etc. would have an impact on the SSSI area so cannot be undertaken without Natural England’s permission.  So please be mindful of this when walking around this area.  Note the same rules apply at the Riverside in Felton.


Residents may be aware that an application to fell and cut back some trees was submitted for the land to the rear of the Northumberland Arms.  This application was approved by Northumberland County Council and works took place in January.  NCC Tree Officer supervised the works undertaken at the site to ensure the correct trees are removed.  The Parish Council felt residents should be made aware that the works are approved and replacement trees will be planted to compensate for those ones which have been removed.