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The annual request from NCC as to what three priorities the Parish Council would like to include for consideration was discussed at the last meeting and it was agreed to submit to NCC the following:

  1. Repairs to Bridge railings
  2. Resurfacing of The Peth
  3. Extension of the footpath out of Thirston from the Field of Hope up to the bus shelter at the A1

The Parish Council requesting these works does not necessarily mean they will go ahead but they will be put forward to NCC for consideration.  Felton Parish Council and County Councillor Sanderson are also requesting that the Bridge Railings be repaired so NCC is being pushed from all sides on this long battle.


The external auditors raised one issue with the annual accounts – the accounts were £1 out due to roundings.  The Parish Council approved and accepted the audit results at the August meeting.

POLICE COMMUNITY SPEEDWATCH RESULTS – The Clerk has received results from the community speedwatch team for West Thirston

           30 April 2015 around 3.30pm 90 vehicles were counted, 27 were speeding;

           7 May 2015 around 3.30pm 100 vehicles were counted with 30 speeding;


A request has been made for a defib machine in West Thirston as it is felt the one in Felton is too far away.  The Clerk has received costings of £1,250 for one to be sources and installed.  Let the fundraising begin !